New Book Reveals: 6 Myths About PCOS

This easy-to-read guide will show you how proactively treating PCOS will significantly improve the physical and emotional symptoms and help you live a healthier life!

An excellent resource for health care providers to offer to their PCOS patients. Save time counseling and empower patients to be more proactive in their care. Volume discounts available.

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In This Book You Will Discover...

  • The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Comprehensively Treating PCOS

  • How Other Women With PCOS Have Transformed Their Lives & Accomplished Things They Had Given Up Hope of Achieving

  • How to Successfully Change Bad Habits & Create Lasting Changes to Help You Feel Better Now, & Decrease Your Risk For Long-Term Health Complications

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

"As a women's health care provider and PCOS patient myself I think this book is a must have!  Lisa Borunda Conner has successfully addressed the  challenges that women with PCOS face in a comprehensive yet understandable way, empowering them to better manage their health.  This book is a wonderful guide for women both newly diagnosed with PCOS and those already familiar with the syndrome."

Dawn Brannon, FNP-BC

The book "I've Been Diagnosed With PCOS, Now What?" Is the most helpful and targeted guide to identifying and treating PCOS that I've ever come across! It is the perfect read for those wanting to learn about PCOS, the effects it can have on the body, and how to live with it. As someone who suffers from PCOS I have been able to apply the knowledge that I have gained from reading this book to my own life. Lisa Borunda Conner has made it easy to find the answers that many are looking for without having to weed through lengthy medical information that is hard to understand. My personal favorite part of the book are the success stories of those who have overcome the obstacles that PCOS placed in their lives. Reading about these living examples really gives hope to the reader and motivates them to identify and manage the condition so they too can thrive with PCOS!

Melissa Hayes

$11.99+tax (Free Shipping)
Quantity Discounts Available.

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Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery