Lisa Borunda Conner

Lisa Boruda Conner's passion for treating women with PCOS was born as she realized that she, along with the rest of the medical community, could be doing so much more to improve the quality of life for women affected by PCOS. She was excited to respond to the call to action from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists to "no longer regard PCOS as a cluster of annoying cosmetic complaints, or a condition primarily associated with infertility, but a condition that my be linked to metabolic disorders associated with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular events."

She understands there is a crying need to educate both the medical community and women with PCOS about the condition. She is passionate about treating PCOS as early and proactively as possible to help prevent long-term health complications.

Lisa received her Family Nurse Practitioner degree from the University of Utah in 2001. She started working in a private OB/GYN practice upon graduating. This is the second book she has authored on the subject of PCOS.